On The Move Custom Food Trucks mobile kitchen coming to a campus near you students

For years, colleges and universities have been bringing local food trucks to their campus for added service to their fast paced students. “On the go” is a way of life for the typical college student. Many campuses have recognized this and are starting to use this as a pilot program in order to see if and when it makes sense to get a food truck of their own.

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On The Move Custom Food Trucks mobile kitchen Texas Tech customer interaction

Satisfying the customer has always been any business owner’s primary goal. Simply shaking someone’s hand, or using their first name go a long way. We believe that all food trucks should have a level of service that is above the rest. Food trucks have always created a nerving stereotype and curiosity among the consumer. What is going on in there? Can I even each my food? Please don’t spill that on my head! All thoughts going through the food truck customer’s head.

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On The Move Custom Food Trucks mobile kitchen food trucks are on the move

Dads, Moms and Children are lining up at food trucks like never before. Little do they know, food trucks are not new to the streets of American cities. Like so many other popular trends, they are the latest version of a long-standing part of American and world culture. Yet, the street-food industry has never enjoyed so much publicity or notoriety.

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